How can the challenges of the working world be tackled?

With our tailor-made products you will find answers to current problems and solutions for your professional future.

We support and accompany you - in a targeted, cost-effective and efficient way.

Whatever questions or difficulties you are facing in your working life: We show you your options for action. We inform you transparently about the prospects of success and the cost risks. With us you will find the right way! Neither do we push you into unnecessary disputes,

nor do we mislead you to waive your rights. If legal action seems to be the right course of action, we will show you what you will have to do. If If you do not wish to take legal action, we will find another solution for you. From as little as CHF 50.00, we will support you - uncomplicated and rapid fast.

Legal counselling

To solve legal problems in labour and social security law.


To resolve conflicts and problems at your workplace.

Samples & Templates

To write not only elegantly, but also legally correct.

What knowledge do you need to face future challenges in a relaxed manner? Expand your knowledge and skills with our courses. We

develop continuously develop our offer and focus on the area of social sustainability and forward-looking work design.

Day courses

One-day course with focus on social sustainability.

On-Demand Modules

One-hour presentation on a topic in the world of work.

Short presentations

Short videos & inputs on selected current topics.

Whether you wish to review your CV, ask questions about your pension or launch new career plans, we have the right coaching offer for you! Free yourself from unsatisfactory

professional bottlenecks. Together we will find the way and the instruments that will help you to advance professionally or to retire with peace of mind.

Career counselling

Curriculum vitae analysis and career counselling to reorient yourself and increase your employability.

Pension counselling

Counselling on pension topics relating to your retirement so that questions can be clarified.

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