About us

Your partner for all questions in the world of work.

When the working world or the economic environment become challenging, we are there! With us you will find a perfect blend of tradition and modernity. As a young and dynamic company, Further at Work has been in existence since 2020. We were founded by two associations that together combine more than 120 years of experience in all areas of working life: Angestellte Schweiz and transfair.

Our managing directors are Pierre Derivaz and Manuel Murer.
As a lawyer, Pierre is convinced that in the world of work, legal action is only suitable for certain problems. He always keeps an open eye for goal-oriented alternatives. Manuel's focus is on management and business administration. He meets challenges with joy, commitment and drive.


We are experts in our field. Our legal advisors and coaches have years of experience in their field.


We live what we teach. We act according to all aspects of sustainability. We use the resources we need sparingly.


We are fast and efficient. We do not take any detours and always look for pragmatic and efficient solutions.

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