You wish for your company to remain enduringly successful?

Are you looking for support in solving current problems? Do you wish to incorporate more social sustainability and

advanced working conditions? We support you competently and are happy to counsel you!

To enable you to fulfil your duty of care and your management responsibility towards your employees at all times, even in professionally challenging situations, our legal experts advise

and support you in working out labour law issues as well as in solving interpersonal conflicts.

Legal counselling

For the solution of legal issues in labour law.


To resolve interpersonal conflicts at the workplace.

Samples & Templates

To create target-oriented and legally correct documents.

Do you wish to make your company more sustainable or are you looking for a presentation on special topics in the world of work?

Our offer is constantly evolving with a focus on social sustainability.

Course on Working Time Law

One to two-day course with focus on AZG and AZGV.

On-Demand Modules

One-hour presentation on a topic in the world of work.

Short presentations

Short videos & inputs on selected current topics.

You wish to meet all legal requirements and be perceived as a modern and progressive employer?

Send us your regulations. We will add the latest labour law provisions such as paternity leave and check the regulations for possible additions such as home office.

Revision of staff regulations

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